The Morning Routine.

The past 2 weeks I’ve been subject to 6:30 awakenings by my alarm clock. A tormented slave to a ruthless master. There was some masochistic tendency in all this because I didn’t have to be awake till 7.

Today I woke up at 6:25, hating myself and the world for it all stood for. For having deprived me of that 5 minutes of golden slumber which was but a few winks away.

Day two of my internship and routine is beginning to set in. Something I was never able to establish concretely as a student, and even when I did I failed. So when it did work, it didn’t.

We underestimate the power of the routine. Often times we find ourselves mocking it and directing vile in its general direction. Humans crave that structured predictability that can only come with a routine. No routine is good.

Next week as I keep raving, I’ll be at the World Economic Forum. As interesting as the sessions and forums will be, nothing, and really, nothing, will compare to the parties. That’s what it is isn’t it. Chasing tail on a corporate level. Pitching ideas and donation slips.Collecting business cards like you once did pokemon. This is where the majority of dealing gets done. It’s not the board room. It never was.

Why did the movies lie? WHAT MOTIVE DID THEY HAVE TO MISREPRESENT THE TRUTH? I will never understand hollywood.

Not getting invited could be disastrous. Well perhaps I’m exaggerating, but gravely disappointing is not far of the mark. If you feel a sense of malfeasance (word of the day) hearing about the fabulous parties. Well you should. These are your leaders. People who have been put in power if not directly by you, then by you choosing to purchase something they’re selling. Having attended my fair share of conferences until now I can’t help but feel it’s all a sham. Every single time it’s people talking, blathering and blabbering. Intellectual masturbation just to pat everyone they know on the back while stroking their hard worked egos. Yes. and No. Sometimes you run into people, genuine down to earth folks who’re there with purpose. They’re not as many as you’d like. But there’s no denying their existence. Get involved. Get informed. The news will tell you what it wants to.

Watch Fox News from time to time just to figure out what the other side is saying. And even if Piers Morgan is a spineless excuse of an anchor, there is no harm in noting what he says. Actually, scratch that. You’re better of with the likes of Amy Goodman. The point is, there’s a ton of information on world happenings that you should be aware of. Not because it’s “good for you”, but because one great night’s hangover in Davos could mean your job or a higher income tax or the loss of a subsidy because some other country did that and it worked for them. Post Washington-Consensus style power play.

Depsite this #occupy-like rant, I would still argue that Davos is worth it. If only for the ideas it represents. I’m going to let my friend and colleague Aishwarya do that though, you can read her post here.

To quote David Aldous: As a default, assume the future will be statistically similar to the past. Not because this is true in any Platonic sense, but because anyone who says different is trying to sell you something.

Nothing’s going to change.

But it may. And if it does,

you want to be on the winning side.

Closed glass doors.

Closed glass doors.

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