Alles Neu.

The theme of my current state of mind is novelty. Keeping in stride with the quest for minimalism, it’s hard to reconcile a minimalist workspace with a minimalist work schedule. The two are at incoherent opposite ends that I seem to be begging for tryst.

New Things. Faces. People. Places.

I’m scheduled to start my internship at the World Resources Forum next week. It’s something I’ve been looking to for a while as it is my ultimate opportunity to prove myself in a field I feel relevant at in an organization that is active enough to provide me more than just grunt work.

To my employer’s disappointment or rather pleasant surprise (I’m hoping the latter), I will be taking my second week off so I can go and attend the World Economic Forum in Davos. Needless to stay I am brimming with excitement at the thought of finally being in an arena of the geo-politics. Something I feel passionate about. Do follow our reportage at

You’ll enjoy it. Trust me, I’m an Economist.

The topics of the forum are particularly intriguing. The general debate will be on Global Risk. The systems risk that we undertake as a global enterprise when going into, for lack of a better word, business. It is ultimately an economic risk that is described and attended to by the WEF but there is deeper relevance here. More on this to follow.

For my own piece of my mind I’m laying out the following weeks in this crudely constructed time table.

07/01 – 11/01: German Classes

14/01 – 17/01: Internship

18/01 – 20/01: Prepare Davos

20/01 – 26/01: Davos

27/01 – 14/04: Internship with intermitten German Classes

And that last interval i’m going to be doing my C1 German exam, my driver’s licence course and figuring out which university i should be attending. And here’s a mental blogger note to apply to Sciences Po. before the middle of March.

and run a marathon come May…

and figure out a work placement starting mid-April. Anyone hiring out there?

Writing it all down, it doesn’t seem that bad. Quite the contrary, it looks fun.

Thrive On Comrades!

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