Hello, World.

“Hello, World”.

Those are the first words I’d like to hear out of a child. Any child. Not because I’m a programmer. Merely because that would be the ultimate blend for me between science and fiction and all things bionic. A computer-human hybrid, spouting the first words uttered by most computer programs.

I begin this post with that because that’s what it feels like. I’ve tens of new blogs. Reasons for changing vary from growing up, changing tastes
and the need to start anew. This is one of those few times all three reasons coincide.

Notice the interface.

Clean. Clear. Spatial. Minimal.

A philosophy I’ve come to adopt is the idea of minimalism. In brief the idea can be summed with “live within your means”. I feel this philosophy goes a little deeper than that. It’s the idea of constant cleanliness and organization. To be able to sit at an empty desk and have all you need knowing where it is. To deal with work in such a manner. To never let anything overwhelm or clutter your life, mind, work or living space.

The following blog hopes to document my journey through life. I’d like to write about what’s relevant, what’s on my mind and what should be on yours. Sometimes I wish Buddha had a blog. It would have helped make the world a better place.

The past few months have been turmoil. Stepping out of a first-rate university because you feel completely disinterested is one of the more crucial decisions I’ve had to make in life. It’s not just about fitting in. It’s about knowing what you want to do after grad. school which bothered me. Education at some point stops being a whole rounding experience. It turns into a tool. A flagship and a hammer. Something to signal a potential employer with. Something to nail home points with. This becomes highly difficult if you don’t know what you’re going to do with it. So I dropped out. Temporarily ofcourse.

Currently I’m scheduled to start an internship at the World Resources Forum with a great bunch of people which I’m looking forward to. I’m simultaneously improving my german starting with a week’s intensive course tomorrow. The thrill of learning a new language is coming back to me. I look forward to it immensely. Everday I’ve been working http://www.duolingo.com a great resource to start a new language. Something I would whole heartedly recommend.

All this, while journeying toward Zen. Toward that controlled piece of mind. Not a shell or protective structure. Not a sponge either. Merely a higher conscience, neither judging nor biased. Not objective. For objectivity is inevitably subject. Just, something is. And is satisfied merely with being.

And Running. Are we born to Run is a great Tedtalk I’d say you should check out. We’re runners as a race. From fear or fight, we run. We’re good at it.
In this tune I’ll be running a half marathon in May. In Basel. It’s a run from Switzerland to France to Germany and back. If you’re in the region. Join me. I’d love that.

Another year. Another state of mind. Before you know it,

it too shall pass.

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